Packaging is an essential part of modern life allowing people to consume fresh, uncontaminated food and beverages wherever they want in the quantities needed. In addition, modern living has driven the desire for convenience foods in ready-to-prepare and single-serve formats, which has resulted in the emergence of everyday products that could not exist without packaging, e.g. ready meals, carbonated soft drinks and long-life milk.

However, once it has performed its function packaging becomes waste. It enters the waste stream where it can be highly visible as litter. As a nation we are undisciplined litterers and this is a major cause of the unwanted and ugly perception people have of packaging. If we can stop littering and start recycling we will have made a major move towards cleaning up our country.

In South Africa in 2008 we collected 1,595 million tons for recycling, however in that same year we consumed 3,629 million tons of packaging and paper in total. This includes all paper, plastic, metal and glass packaging as well as printing and writing papers. The overall recycling rate in SA was only 43,9%.

As a packaging re-seller and distributor, we would like to do our part for a greener South Africa by ensuring our customers are well-informed regarding which of our products can be recycled.

Wherever you see the symbol, this means that the particular product is recyclable but please follow the links below for the conditions regarding the recycling of those products.

Paper Plastic Cans Glass Metal E-Waste Other Useful Links
Download our helpful Recycling Checklist on Paper, Plastic, Metal, Glass, E-Waste, etc

Why Recycle?

  • Whatever we don’t recycle gets dumped and lands up on a landfill. Less waste saves landfill space
  • Less energy is used when recycled materials are included in the manufacturing process
  • Recycling reduces the need for importing new raw materials
  • Opportunities for income generation are created and alleviate poverty through job creation
  • Prevents litter so contributes to a cleaner, greener, healthier South Africa.

For More Information:

Paper Recycling Association of South Africa
Tel: +27 11 803 5063
Mondi Recycling & Paper Pickup Info
Gauteng/KZN: Tel: 0800 022 112
W. Cape: Tel: +27 21 931 5106
Nampak Recycling
Tel: 0800 018 818
Gauteng: Tel: 082 876 7468
W.Cape: Tel: 083 227 1379
Other provinces: Tel: 083 234 6284
Plastics SA
Tel: +27 11 314 4021
Tel: 0860 147 738
Polystyrene Packaging Council
Tel: +27 12 259 0554
South African Plastics Recycling Organisation
Tel: +27 11 9651437
Cans & Metal
Tel: +27 11 466 2939
The Glass Recycling Company
Tel: 0861 2 GLASS (45277)


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